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At Neelanijili Ayurveda, we offer a comprehensive range of personalized services rooted in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Our services are designed to address various health concerns and promote holistic well-being through natural and holistic approaches.

Our Journey

Founded by a team of seasoned Ayurvedic practitioners, Neelanijili Ayurveda stems from a deep-rooted commitment to sharing the transformative power of this ancient healing science. Our journey began with a vision to create a sanctuary where individuals could rediscover their innate potential for well-being through the time-tested practices of Ayurveda.

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Our Services

Our services are designed to address various health concerns and promote holistic well-being through natural and holistic approaches.

Ayurvedic Consultancy

Experience the holistic approach of Ayurveda, a 5000-year-old healing system that encompasses personalized consultations, herbal remedies, therapies, and lifestyle guidance to restore balance and promote overall well-being.

This service is for online consultancy.

Acupressure Treatment

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese healing practice that involves applying pressure to specific points on the body to promote wellness and alleviate various health conditions. It is based on the same principles as acupuncture, but instead of using needles, acupressure relies on the application of manual pressure. Here are some key points about acupressure.

Only for home services.

Children's Corner

Gentle and natural healthcare solutions for children, fostering their growth, immunity, and mental development through safe Ayurvedic treatments, nutritional guidance, and holistic care suited for their delicate constitutions. Only Home service.

This service is for online consultancy.

Student's Corner

Tailored wellness programs designed specifically for students, focusing on enhancing concentration, managing stress, boosting immunity, and promoting overall mental and physical well-being to excel in academic and extracurricular pursuits.

This service is for schools, college, educational Institutions, coaching Centre and can avail online.

Men's Corner

Discover specialized Ayurvedic solutions catering to men’s health concerns, including vitality, reproductive health, stress management, and personalized wellness plans designed to address specific male-related health issues.

This service is for online consultancy to keep privacy.

Women's Corner

Holistic care for women embracing Ayurvedic practices that cater to various stages of life, encompassing menstrual health, hormonal balance, fertility support, prenatal and postnatal care, menopause management, and overall well-being.

This service is for online consultancy keep privacy.

Senior Citizen's Corner

 Tailored services are specifically designed to address the unique health concerns of senior citizens. Our programs focus on promoting mobility, joint health, cognitive well-being, and overall vitality in the elderly. Our aim is to enhance the quality of life for our senior clientele.

This service is for online consultancy keep privacy.

Common Health Awareness

Informational campaigns and workshops aimed at educating individuals about common health issues prevalent in society, providing insights into prevention, holistic treatments, and lifestyle modifications for a healthier life.

This service is for online consultancy.

Environment Awareness

Educational initiatives and programs focused on raising awareness about sustainable living practices, eco-friendly choices, and the interconnectedness between personal well-being and the health of the environment.

This service is related to field work

Ayurveda : Art of Living (Ayu + veda)

  • Ayurveda is one of the greatest gifts of the sages of ancient India to mankind. disturbances.
  • Ayurveda is not a system of medicine in the conventional sense of curing diseases. It is also a way of life that teaches us how to maintain and protect mental and physical health and achieve longevity.

Aim of Ayurveda

  • To achieve positive health for the individual.
  • Protect of masses
  • Ultimate Vibration

Objects of Ayveveda

  • For common people and self-care
  • For healer or physician and his practice

Principles of Tridosha

The Sanskrit term “Tridosha is composed of two words (i.e) “Tri” and “Dosha”. Tri means Three and Dasha means that which can go imbalance and which are capable of making other element imbalance.

They are the three basic big energies which maintain and function all the activity in the body.



Time Of Appearance

Vata is predominant in old age (after 60 years of age) Between 3 PM and 7 PM, late night (2 AM to 6 AM), and at the end of digestion



Summer (Accumulation) Raining (Aggravation) Autumn (comin back to normalcy)


Time Of Appearance

Pitta is predominant in middle age (between 20 and 60 years. Midday (11 Am to 4 PM). Midnight (12 Am to 2 AM) during the middle of the period of digestion.



Raining (Accumulation) Autumn (Aggravation) Winter (comin back to normalcy)


Time Of Appearance

Kapha is predominant in early age (from birth up to 16 years of age). Forenoon (6 AM to 10 AM), At night (7 PM to 11 PM midnight). And the early period of digestion.



Winter (Accumulation) Spring (Aggravation) Summer (comin back to normalcy)

Why Choose Neelanjili Ayurveda

Whether you seek relief from specific ailments, wish to enhance your overall well-being, or simply wish to experience the profound benefits of Ayurveda, our team is here to support you every step of the way.


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